Renewal and Sustainability Committee


The CNSA Renewal and Sustainability Committee identified and explored ways and means to build, communicate, and leverage the value of archives and the Council in the 21st century.


The CNSA Renewal and Sustainability Committee  met as determined by the Committee Chair, starting in October, 2013. The Committee reported to the Executive during monthly meetings, and prepared and deliverd report of work to date for the membership at the AGM in May, 2014. It is anticipated that the final report will be completed and delivered in October, 2014.


The CNSA Renewal and Sustainability Committee has been constituted as an ad-hoc committee in response to recent changes in funding to archives councils and their members across the country; in recognition of the changing needs of the Nova Scotia archival community and the need to revitalize the Council’s core programs and services, and where appropriate, augment these to coincide with the changing archival landscape. The Committee is made possible through the allocation of a one-time Ministerial grant, received 1 April 2013, to the CNSA to pursue avenues for the future sustainability of the Council and its membership.

Committee Members 2013-2014

Hansel Cook, Chair
CNSA Vice-President

Catherine Arseneau
CNSA President

Lois Yorke
Nova Scotia Archives representative

Mike Moosberger
Dalhousie University (University Archives representative)

Thea Wilson-Hammond
Eastern Shore Archives (Museum/Archives representative, MemoryNS Committee representative)

Joanne McCarthy-O’Leary
Halifax Public Library

Jamie Serran
CNSA Archives Advisor – ex-officio, Secretary