Disaster Preparedness Working Group

The Disaster Preparedness Working Group (DPWG) was established in July 2023 to oversee the CNSA’s Disaster Preparedness Project. 

Roles and Responsibilities:

The DPWG’s primary roles and responsibilities will be decision-making and oversight of the CNSA’s Disaster Preparedness Project, out of which the CNSA will refresh and augment our Disaster Recovery Supply Depots and expand our disaster-preparedness supports for members. CNSA staff will execute the DPWG’s plans including purchasing and distributing kits/supplies, facilitating disaster-planning workshop(s), etc. 

DPWG’s Primary Objectives:

       Evaluate existing Disaster Recovery Supply Depots 

       Decide on new/improved Disaster Recovery Supply Depots

       Discuss and plan educational opportunities for CNSA members who need/want to develop or update their disaster plans

DPWG’s Secondary Objectives:

       Conduct a jurisdictional scan of supplementary supplies in possession of member institutions

       Assist with developing a list of contacts and links for members in case of emergencies

Project Duration:

The lifespan of the DPWG is anticipated to be brief, with the bulk of the project complete by the end of 2023 but officially wrapped-up by March 31, 2024.

Working Group Members

Rosemary Barbour, Nova Scotia Archives
Cindy Bergeron, Dalhousie University
Joanne Boudreau, Fultz House Museum
Ayla-Monic Fox, Nova Scotia Archives
Christine Hines, Shearwater Aviation Museum
Joanne Hunt, Colchester Historeum
Elizabeth Jordan, Saint Mary’s Genealogy Research Centre
Sarah Little, Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21
Pauline MacLean, Highland Village Museum
Anita Price, independent consultant
Wendy Robichaud, Esther Clark Wright Archives, Acadia University
Alina Ruiz, Mount Saint Vincent University Archives
Jasmine MacNeil, Nova Scotia Archives
Sharon Murray, ex officio, Council of Nova Scotia Archives
Heidi Schiller, ex officio, Council of Nova Scotia Archives