Preservation Services for Members

Preservation Equipment Loan Program

The CNSA owns a UV metre, two light metres, and several HOBO MX1101 data loggers for measuring temperature and relative humidity, any of which CNSA members can borrow for up to a year at a time. The HOBO data loggers are operated via Bluetooth from a smartphone or tablet. If you are interested in borrowing any of our environmental-monitoring equipment, please contact our Archives Advisor.

The followed documents provide more information on the data loggers:

Cold Vault Storage for Institutional Members

CNSA Institutional Members have access to free storage in the Nova Scotia Film Preservation Cold Vault, owned and operated by the Nova Scotia Archives.

Disaster Recovery Supply Depots

Disaster recovery supply depots are available to CNSA members in urgent need of supplies to respond to an emergency. There are three depots strategically located across the province (Yarmouth, Halifax, and Sydney). Members are responsible for contacting the custodian of the depots, picking up supplies, replenishing any used materials, and returning all supplies in a clean and orderly state. (Note the Yarmouth depot belongs to the Nova Scotia Museum, but CNSA members may use it so long as they replace all expended supplies.)

The supplies in each depot may vary somewhat, but should include:

  • Wet document remediation supplies, such as blotting paper, parchment paper, freezer paper, clothesline, waterproof labels, resealable plastic bags, etc.
  • Personal protection equipment, such as filter masks, nitrile gloves, work gloves, hand cleaner, aprons, disposable coveralls, hard hats, utility knives, etc.
  • Tools and hardware, such as lamps, extension cords, dry cell flashlights, basic tool kit, electric fans, electric heaters, etc.
  • Cleaning supplies, such as mops, scrub brushes, sponges, etc.
  • Miscellaneous supplies, such as duct tape, masking tape, garbage bags, tarps, plastic sheeting, scissors, caution tape, pencils, shop towels, etc.

Depot locations

Beaton Institute, Cape Breton University
1250 Grand Lake Rd.
Sydney, NS
(902) 563-1690
Contact: Jane Arnold
Nova Scotia Archives
6016 University Avenue
Halifax, NS
(902) 424-6060
Contact: Rosemary Barbour
Yarmouth County Museum and Archives
22 Collins Street
Yarmouth, NS
(902) 742-5539
Contact: Lisette Gaudet, archivist; Nadine Gates, museum director

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