Council of Nova Scotia Archives

The CNSA promotes archival excellence among institutions and archivists in Nova Scotia that are entrusted with the care of documentary heritage. We provide a network for co-operation, support, and promotion of the use of archives.

Our Mandate

The Council of Nova Scotia Archives (CNSA) is a professional association for archives and archivists in Nova Scotia. The Council advocates for the proper preservation of archives and the importance of public access to these records through our member institutions. A number of dedicated professional archivists, drawn from member institutions, occupy positions on our administrative committees. Through these committees, the CNSA endeavours to promote archival standards, procedures, and best practices among its members and those institutions and organizations entrusted with the care of documentary heritage in Nova Scotia.

Course & Workshops

We offer a 6 courses on archival practice plus occasional workshops, to help members develop the knowledge and skills required to work in archives or manage a small archives. Members who take all 6 courses can earn the CNSA's Archival Certificate. Read More...

Grants & Bursaries

CNSA members can apply to two annual funding programs. Institutional Members can apply to the Professional Archival Development Program (up to $15,000), and the Professional Development and Training Bursary (up to $500) is open to all CNSA members. Read more...

Preservation Services

We offer members a suite of services to  assist with caring for and preserving archival holdings. From our preservation equipment loan program to disaster recovery kits, the CNSA has members covered. Read More...

CNSA Member Archives