General Membership


Institutions which are interested in archives or house archival material but are unable to meet the institutional requirements, are encouraged to join as General Members.

*At the Annual General Meeting May 5, 2011, members approved a fee increase for general members, effective April 1, 2012.

Required Info *



All employees and volunteers of the member archives receive the following benefits:

  • Participation in the heritage listings on
  • Eligible to apply for the CNSA’s Professional Development & Training Assistance Bursary
  • Participation in MemoryNS, Nova Scotia’s union database of archival descriptions
  • Access to Emergency Recovery supplies
  • Eligible for nomination to win a CNSA Award
  • Discounts on archival supplies from Carr McLean of Toronto
  • Preservation Monitoring Equipment loan program (data loggers, light meters)
  • Free advice from a professional archivist
  • Subscription to CNSA-L email message board (listserv)
  • Free lending library
  • Volunteering opportunities on committees or the Executive Board
  • Transportation subsidy to attend CNSA training events
  • Discount for Annual Conference and advanced level workshop registration
  • Eligible to attend Core Curriculum workshops