Institutional Membership

$85.00 – $440.00

Archives that have met the criteria listed below are encouraged to become Institutional Members of the CNSA.

This membership category is open to Nova Scotian organizations housing materials with long-term archival value and have the following:

  1. Written mandate: Approved by a governing body of the public authority or private organization in which the archives is a unit of responsibility.
  2. Policies:
    • Acquisition Policy including acquisitions goals and scope of acquisition;
    • Access Policy specifying any restrictions on access to records (including viewing and photocopying);
    • Preservation Policy
  3. Designated individual: Accountable for the Archives operation who may be paid staff, volunteer or the responsibility for the archives can be part of another job description. The individual should have either taken, or be pursuing basic training in archival practice.
  4. Secure, designated space: Adequately protected from degradation agents such as water, fire, light and extremes of temperature and humidity for storage and handling of records.
  5. Open hours: Equivalent to 1 day per week, may include by appointment hours.

If your archives meets the above criteria and you would like to join as an Institutional Member, or have your Associate Institutional Membership upgraded, please contact our Archives Advisor.

Member Information