Hello MemoryNS

For more than a decade, Archway has been CNSA members’ online database of descriptive information about archival records in the province.  Now we’re retiring Archway, and saying hello to MemoryNS.


MemoryNS uses standards-based, open source AtoM archival description software.  It aims to be more user-friendly for both researchers and memoryns-textlogorecords-holders, making it easier for Council member instutions to maintain and promote their archival descriptions.

All records from the Archway database will be migrated to MemoryNS, but we’re not quite there yet — for how we’re still calling MemoryNS a beta release — but we’ll be there soon.  We’re currently working on cleaning up from our first round of migrations before moving the data over.

Archway Photographic Database

The Archway Photographic Database will remain online.  The photo database, while connected in spirit to Archway, exists independently of archival descriptions.