Disaster Recovery Resources

Disaster Recovery Kit for Archival & Heritage Collections

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AKA "The Aftermath Kit"

Any CNSA member institution can borrow this kit, or parts thereof, following an emergency or disaster that affects their collections. The supplies are intended to help members salvage collections and remedy damage caused by water, dirt, smoke, mould, and/or pests.

Please see the videos, leaflets, and guides at the bottom of this page for salvage and recovery methods and techniques.

Supplies in the Kit

Loan Terms and Agreement

CNSA Members can borrow the entire Kit or just parts of it for up to 30 days. The loan can be renewed provided no other member is need of the Kit. Please see full details in the Loan Agreement below.

Collecting and Returning the Kit

Members must collect the Kit from the CNSA office at 6016 University Ave, Halifax, NS, or make delivery arrangements. Members are responsible for returning the Kit to the CNSA office on or before the loan term has ended, which is typically 30 days. Please see full details in the Loan Agreement below.

Replacing Supplies 

Members are accountable for the replacement cost of all non-reuseable supplies that they use from the Kit, such as gloves, masks, blotting paper, absorbents, insect traps, and garbage bags – see the full list at then end of the Loan Agreement below. If any of the reusable supplies in the kit are damaged beyond useability, the borrowing member will also be responsible for the cost of their replacement.

Once the Kit is returned to the CNSA Office, it will be inventoried and a list of supplies that need replacing will be sent to the member for approval. The CNSA will then send the member an invoice once replacement supplies have been ordered and/or purchased. Please see full details in the Loan Agreement below.

Disaster Kits for CNSA Members 

Kits stacked in CU

If you received one of the Disaster Kits we created for members in 2023, these resources are for you – a downloadable checklist for inventorying the supplies in your kit plus copies of the instructions for use.

The CNSA's Disaster Kit project made the news!

DIY Disaster Kit

Didn't get a Disaster Kit or want to replenish or augment the supplies you have? Click on the photo below to see the full list of comparable supplies available at most Canadian Tire stores!