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Carman V. Carroll Award

 for Outstanding Achievement in Archival Preservation

Who is Carman V. Carroll?

Carman retired in 1997 after eleven years as Provincial Archivist. Throughout this time he took a great interest in the development of preservation issues both federally and provincially. As chair of the Canadian Council of Archives (CCA) Preservation Committee, he was instrumental in lobbying for, and receiving federal government approval and funding for, the Conservation Plan for Canadian Archival Records (CPCAR) investment program and the publication of the CCA Basic Conservation of Archival Materials: A Guide, commonly referred to as “The Red Book.” As a member of the CNSA Preservation Committee, Carman had been consistently supportive of both the Committee’s endeavours and those of the Council. He had also dedicated resources, both human and monetary to the preservation initiative at the Public Archives of Nova Scotia.

What is the Carman V. Carroll Award?

Preservation Management is the integration of preservation measures into every aspect of archival activity. The goal of the Carman V. Carroll Award for Outstanding Achievement in Archival Preservation is to foster an appreciation of preservation and recognize its place as a vital component within the ongoing daily operations of an archives.

What is the prize?

The winner will receive a Commemorative Certificate acknowledging project details, plus a $200 gift certificate from Carr McLean, supplier of quality archival and preservation materials.

Who can be nominated for the award?

An institution or an organization which is a current member in good standing of the Council of Nova Scotia Archives. Any projects that are administered, funded and carried out by CNSA employees are not eligible.


  • Nominated projects must be completed by March 31st of the last fiscal year before the AGM, i.e., completed by March 31st of 2018 to be eligible for the awards presented in 2018.
  • Nominations must include as co-nominees all parties directly involved in the project.
  • Co-operative ventures between one or more institutions are also eligible.
  • Self-nominations are accepted.

What sorts of activities would qualify for an award?

The award is intended to recognize exemplary projects, which have focused in some way upon preservation management or have promoted the concept of archival preservation or have displayed excellence in a specific preservation function. Specific examples include:

  • preservation policy development
  • staff training initiatives
  • innovative problem solving in the area of environmental control
  • holdings maintenance activities such as re-housing and reformatting.

How are nominations submitted?

  • Nominations may be submitted by the governing body of the institution/organization concerned; by an outside body; or by an individual.
  • Project report and any necessary accompanying documentation must be submitted, together with the nomination form, by April 19, 2018.

The Process

  • Submissions will be assessed on the basis of an applicant’s commitment to, and the project’s reflection of, the preservation management concept together with an holistic assessment of the collection/fonds in terms of its condition and use.
  • The jury will take into account such variables as the size of the institution or organization, staffing/membership levels and project budget.
  • The jury will also consider how projects fit within an organization’s broader preservation strategy and whether projects were undertaken in response to a global preservation assessment.
  • The submissions will be evaluated on the quality of the nominated project rather than the size of the supporting resources.
  • The jury will consist of the following: Awards Committee Chairperson, Education Committee Chairperson, Preservation Committee Chairperson and two representatives from last year’s winners.
  • The decision of the jury is final.
  • The committee reserves the right to make no award if, in their opinion, the nominations received are not of a sufficiently high quality.
  • The award winner will be announced during the annual general meeting of the Council of Nova Scotia Archives.
  • Applications and supporting documentation become the property of the CNSA, with the exception of published books and audio-visual presentations, which will be returned to the nominees after judging.

Please complete the Nomination Form and forward to:

CNSA Awards Committee
6016 University Ave.
Halifax, Nova Soctia
B3H 1W4