Institutions which are interested in archives or house archival material but are unable to meet the institutional requirements, are encouraged to join as General Members.  All employees and volunteers of the member archives receive the following benefits.

Benefits of General Membership:

  • Participation in the heritage listings on
  • Eligible to apply for the CNSA's Professional Development & Training Assistance Bursary
  • Participation in MemoryNS, Nova Scotia's union database of archival descriptions
  • Access to Emergency Recovery supplies
  • Eligible for nomination to win a CNSA Award 
  • Discounts on archival supplies from Carr McLean of Toronto
  • Preservation Monitoring Equipment loan program (data loggers, light meters)
  • Free advice from a professional archivist
  • Subscription to CNSA-L email message board (listserv)
  • Free lending library
  • Volunteering opportunities on committees or the Executive Board
  • Transportation subsidy to attend CNSA training events
  • Discount for Annual Conference and advanced level workshop registration
  • Eligible to attend Core Curriculum workshops

Fee: $55 annually

At the Annual General Meeting May 5, 2011, members approved a fee increase for general members, effective April 1, 2012.

Membership year runs April 1 to March 31 (fiscal year). Renewal notices are sent out to members in February or March each year.

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